Welcome to my Playground

This is my playground. The projects are of varying quality and size and none of them follow any red line – except that they're all part of my discovery through my own taste and skill set.



March 2019

First try with Three.js and 3D-animations :--)

The Answer is Always RnB

The Answer is Always RnB

March 2018

I think RnB makes everything in life better. So I created an RnB-song generator using Last FM's API.

Ogilvy PINGPONG Club

Ogilvy PINGPONG Club

March 2016

I'm working at Ogilvy Amsterdam atm. We don't have a ping pong table. !!! So me and my copy teammate Max created this campaign site to get one. Pieter is the genius who made the film. I'm sure it's just a matter of seconds before we get that damn table.

DM15KNA cover

My class in music

June 2015

I just graduated from Hyper Island, and as a goodbye gift to my class I gave each person a song (or two or three) that makes me think about him/her. My plan was to give away CD's, but I realized neither did I have a CD burner nor did my friends have CD players. So I created this photo grid instead.

Citrusklubben website cover


May 2015

Had to make a website for me and my friend's DJ collective Citrusklubben hehe. Go to the site and experience its goodness. Then go to our Facebook page an like us :) And of course, come hear us play!

MemoryMap cover

MemoryMap Beta

October 2013

Two-three week project: first time playing around with Google Maps API.

A map for people to add their travel memories. Never had time to finish it fully but that might happen some day. If we are lucky.

Voronoi flash cover

Voronoi Flash

March 2015

Planning och taking up my experiments again. Voronoi diagrams is my new love. This is a simple gif but soon I'm going to make it in CODE. *setting goals*

The Avocado hunt cover

The avocado hunt

April 2014

Having a passionate relation to avocados I came up with this avocado "lottery". The purpose was to experiment with image sprites and try out using audio in CSS.

I ended upp having to use a few lines of jQuery to trigger the audio effects (starring my dear friend Nils Erlandsson). Also found out that responsiveness is fairly easy horizontally but the more complicated vertically.

Happy birthday Max cover

Happy Birthday Max

May 2014

Made a birthday card for my friend Max.

The gradient cover

The gradient

April 2014

This mini project was about to explore colors and find new ways of using them. Since my love for gradients is (at the moment) just as strong as for beautiful colors I decided to loose myself in theese two subjects for one whole day.

Manually typing in every color I must say was a really interesting experience, giving a good feel for how mixing RGB-colors actually works.

Thank You cover

Thank you

April 2014

Thank you basically.

Sushi time cover

Sushi time

April 2014

Sushi hehe. My plan is to make this thing in pure CSS eventually but in the meantime we'll go for some pure illustrations.

Grattis Jessi cover

Happy bday Jessi

May 2015

Made this birthday card for my friend Jessica.